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Britain’s Got Power
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Learnalot was a SMART-accredited, game-based learning portal that used high-quality resources to facilitate skills-based teaching in maths. Its aim was to make teaching and learning genuinely fun and engaging for students aged 11-16.

The resources were designed to develop thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills by presenting the learner with real-life challenges that engaged their thought processes in new ways, using topics that students could relate to in their day-to-day lives in the 21st Century in a style that they were used to from their video games.

Feedback for the portal was incredibly positive:

Your resources are excellent – the best skills-based learning resources for maths I’ve seen.
– Melanie Blount, Field Development Officer Co-ordinator, NGfL Wales

The look of the site has immediately caught the interest of pupils who I know love to spend time on X-Box/PlayStation at home. Harnessing an existing interest for a learning purpose is probably the Mecca of education. I would love to know if you might have plans for a KS2 version at some stage?
– Steph Ladbrooke, teacher

OFSTED want to see pupils using ICT to enhance learning within the classroom. In 2011 we are not supposed to be content driven. We should be process driven and creating thematic units and embedding functional skills into our curriculum. Your site allows for process oriented learning.
– Laura Turner, teacher

Learnalot is very easy to navigate around and also very easy to use. Mostly I like it because it’s very challenging and it’s boosting me up for next year – it’s great!
– Adam, student

I think the website is really challenging and I like challenging things. I also like the leaderboard on it because you can vs people from your school and people from other schools – especially the teachers. My favourite game is Britain’s Got Power.
– Alfie, student