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Mononas was a South American portal for girls aged 9-16.

The Mononas were a group of stylised South American girls who acted as responsible role models for the website’s users, with healthy interests in education, healthy living, the environment, fashion and animals.

The Mononas portal was broken down into separate islands, each with its own purpose or theme:

  • A home island allowed users to customise their avatar and play dress-up games, while a built-in messaging system allowed them to communicate with each other in a safe environment without sharing personal information like email addresses.
  • A school island provided the means for users to earn points by answering questions on maths, languages, geography and general knowledge.
  • A funfair island allowed users to earn points by playing games that required quick reflexes and skill.
  • A mall island provided learners with different stores in which they could spend these points to buy clothing, accessories and pets for their online avatars.
  • A studio island allowed them to play art- and music-themed games as well as create their own masterpieces to share online. They could also watch video content.
  • A beach island provided games based on the environment.