Snap-On EPC Scraper

I was commissioned to develop a scraper for Snap-On’s EPC (Electronic Parts Catalogue).

The scraper is used by legitimate customers who have valid login credentials to cache product information in a way that is more easily and readily accessible than through the somewhat unweildy EPC interface, allowing them to more effectively serve their customers’ needs.

It can export all of the relevant data for every product level as well as their images and mouse-over hotspots. This data can then be used in any number of ways, such as feeding their own website’s parts list, feeding their 3rd-party marketplaces like Amazon or eBay or simply by providing their staff with the data in a more accessible manner.

It uses the same APIs as the EPC application and makes its requests at a leasurely pace so as not to adversely affect the EPC service.

The results can then be exported in different formats depending on requirements, such as to MongoDB and Amazon S3. Support for additional services is planned in a future release.