BBC Xenon AS2 Embedded Media Player

BBC Events – Glastonbury 2
BBC iPlayer for Virgin TiVo 3

Xenon is an embedded media player that I designed and developed over a period of two months for use on set top boxes like Virgin TiVo, Western Digital etc.

The new player delivered significant improvements over the previous version, such as:

  • Media load times were halved
  • Video scrub times were 3-4 times faster
  • Toggling between SD and HD was 3-4 times faster
  • Subtitle load times were reduced from 30-40 seconds to 3-4 seconds
  • 3x as many content delivery networks (CDNs) were supported
  • ABR1 bitrate down-switching was added
  • Memory usage was 3x more efficient
  • The size of the codebase was reduced by half

Xenon is used by the iPlayer, Sport, News and Events apps and serves more than 1 million streams per week.

More information is available at