NBCU Peacock for Roku

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The Peacock (US VPN may be required) application for Roku was developed by Sky on behalf of its parent company, NBCUniversal, for the US market.

The app provides an intuitive interface through which customers can access both free and paid-for content, both live and on demand.

As a senior, I was responsible for many of the more challenging aspects of its development across a broad spectrum of the codebase, including:

  • Low-level framework architecture resilience and performance
  • Networking
  • Intelligent caching (both of network responses as well as post-parse content nodes in some cases)
  • UI features such as the tilesets themselves, Search, Immersive Highlights, Curated Collections, SLE Binge and Trending Now.

I also assisted junior and mid-level engineers with some of the features that they were assigned to, helping them write code that was robust and performant and assisting them with their career progression.

In terms of measurable productivity, I was persistently the most productive engineer on the team throughout my time at Sky as is illustrated by this Github Insights screenshot.