I have been working at Massive with Gareth for the past 2.5 years and had him in my team for several app development projects. There he was a lead developer for several targets, such as: Web, Samsung, Android and iOS. For the past year he was also a lead on our apps for TVOS.

For as long as I have known Gareth, he has always been dedicated to his work and owned a responsibility in delivering quality output.

Gareth has shown in his day-to-day work that he is keen on fixing the root cause of the issues rather than merely treating the symptoms, and this has worked very well for long term enhancements both for development and internal processes.

Gareth is also a very passionate developer, and likes to learn new things. For example, on his most recent project – TVOS app delivery for 3 different brands – he was made the lead developer despite at the time not having much experience in Swift, so he learned the language in a short period while developing the apps and as a result, we delivered quality results on the agreed deadline.

Guzelle Yusupova, Project Manager at Massive Interactive

Fab work – REALLY appreciate your speed on this Gareth… shame you’re not PHP dev I’d hire you in a heartbeat.

Paul Ingram, Managing Director at Kaweb

Gareth is the most experienced and expert ActionScript developer in TV Platforms, with an extremely solid understanding of good software engineering principles, application architecture and design patterns.

I have always found that Gareth’s easy-going and likeable nature have made him incredibly easy to work alongside and pair with.

On each project, Gareth has quickly got up to speed with the code-base and is undoubtedly a domain expert in the field of ActionScript and media playback within the Adobe ecosystem.

Karl Lloyd, Technical Team Leader at BBC

We have worked with Gareth on several projects now and we have found him to be extremely helpful in not only the delivery of the project but also in planning the original concept.

His experience and professionalism has proven to be a great asset in the successful delivery of work we have done together and I very much look forward to continuing our already prosperous relationship.

Thanks for all your efforts Gareth.

Chris Jeffries, Managing Director at BFIG LTD

Very professional. Without a doubt a provider that can be 100% trusted to come up with excellent solutions. Will use again.

Andreas Nordenadler, Sales Manager at Radware

In my opinion, the digital resources Gareth has created for game based learning in maths are the best on the market. I would recommend Learnalot to any maths teacher who wanted to enhance their skills based curriculum.

Gareth is one of few developers who truly understands that students need a context for their learning. Through a series of game based scenarios that instantly capture the students’ imagination and interest, Gareth allows them to consolidate their mathematical knowledge by applying what they’ve learned to ‘real-life’ problems.

I love the work that Gareth does; his dedication and energy are infectious and I have no hesitation in recommending Gareth or his amazing work.

Melanie Blount, Development Officer Co-ordinator at NGfL Wales

Gareth is very committed to doing a good job, as a professional developer, and also brings a good sense of humour to work. He is keen to see improvement and is happy to make recommendations when he sees opportunities for us to serve our clients more effectively.

Simon Hayward, Senior Partner at Cirrus

Gareth brings an innovative approach to problem solving, applied with a can do attitude, whilst being a great team worker. A pleasure to work with.

Stephen Killilea, Production Director at British Energy

Gareth is a very talented problem solver who has always shown a ‘can do’ approach. Besides his obvious talents in development he is very approachable and delivers on time and to budget. A great asset to a team.

Rob Lenihan, Director at iflourish

I had the pleasure of working with Gareth on several large Flash projects with high profile clients. I found his professional attitude and ability to find solutions no matter how tricky the situation, a great credit.

Matt McGuire, Team Leader at Barcrest

Gareth is a multi-disciplined developer with a talent for creative thinking and innovative solution development. It is always a pleasure to work with him because of his commitment and dedication to any project he undertakes.

Andy Quick, Director at Andy Quick

Gareth is one of the top on my list of Flash developers to whom I frequently continue to outsource work. He’s a fast and reliable extension of our team at Fresh Devs.

Ben Newbery, Managing Director at Fresh Devs

Gareth developed my website and I was really pleased the with the result! Gareth exceeded my expectations, both in terms of the product and the service provided. They are happy to offer advice and although this advice relates to a technical subject it is always explained in plain English!

Nicola Harrison, Director at Harrison and Company